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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Another update

I want to start by thnking everyone for their lovely comments about my rose. They are much appreciated.

I got quite a bit more done on the sampler and this is progress after approx. 133 hours. The top four pages (of 12) are pretty much complete.

I will be stitching the rose again this month, and might even manage to finish it. :)

Not much else is happening, spring is still taking its time, with some nice days and others not so nice. I fell in front of Michaels on the 26th and hurt my knees and thumb; all of which are taking their own sweet time to heal. Nothing broken though and for that I am thankful. Just very painful bruising. It was my right thumb and I am left handed, so can still stitch, haha. My knees always hurt but now they hurt even more.

Oh, and on the Avon scene, I made President's Club for the first time in 25 years. I received this figurine, as well as a special pin and will get to go to the President's Banquet later in the year. I had to sell a specific amount of product to do this, and as I said, I did it for the first time.

The figurine is a representation of the first Avon lady, Mrs. Albee.

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