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Monday, 22 July 2013

Finally a new blog.

I cannot believe it has been four months since I last posted here.  I knew it was a few but not that many.  But a lot has happened since then.  Leon was in hospital three times, for a total of 32 days altogether from mid-May to now, but he is home now.   :)  Half the summer is gone already.  

I finished the little project I mentioned last time - A Snowman in Canada. 

I also started and finished a Lizzie*Kate design, Getting Old Isn't for Sissies, which seemed appropriate while Leon was in hospital the second time.  

And I finished the scarf I was doing for our Creative Fingers group; it will be turned in when we start up again in September. 

Now I am more than halfway through Happy Everything, an Imaginating chart.  I began in the middle, which means stitching Everything first and then adding the little motifs.  I am pretty close to adding the Happy and its bits and pieces as well. 

We had a brief but very intense thunderstorm in the early hours this morning.   It has actually been quite warm here the past while, about which I am not complaining because winter will be upon us before we know it.  

Since we did the new room last fall, with its lovely siding, we now had to fix the rest of the unit to match so that was done the past couple of months.   We now have the front and south-facing side done and will do the other side and back next year when we have the tax return.  That side is not seen much so it can wait.   It looks so much better than it did originally and we are very happy with it.   Unfortunately with Leon in hospital and the contractor walking all over everything, it means no gardening got done except for what was already planted.  The two hardy roses are doing well and one lily plant has bloomed.    But I am hoping that I can finally get some fall bulbs planted and will have tulips next spring. 

This is what the front looked like when we moved in back in 2006.  The little add-on that you see on the left is now gone and a new, larger room was built with the stairs outside instead of inside.  

This is what the new add-on looked like after it was finished last fall.  You can see the difference in the siding.    
And this is the front now.  The unit faces east so we get the morning sun and then the afternoon/evening sun comes through the nice big windows in our new room.  
And this is what is on the wall, leading from the new room into the kitchen.  :) 


  1. Great stitching, that snowman! I'm glad Leon is home... hope he continues to grow stronger each day!

    Your place looks great!

  2. Your little snowman is adorable! Your house is looking lovely.

  3. Thanks for posting. Your new addition looks nice.

  4. You've been busy - great finishes on your projects and your home looks wonderful with the new addition. I'll bet you are thrilled to have it all done.

  5. Very cute snowman -- congrats on the finishes. I hope Leon is home for good now.

  6. Hey, Beth. Nice blog. You do lovely stitching. Just popping by to let you know that you're the winner of my next release, Frame Up, from the drawing on the Suspense Sisters blog. Please go to my web site, and shoot me an email with your mailing address. Thanks for following Suspense Sisters!