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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

October update - not much to write about this time

I fell into a bit of a slump the past week or so and did not get much of anything done at all this month.   I started the Mill Hill Ice Crystal kit and did not enjoy stitching it at all.  I still have the bottom and top to finish; might actually pull it out tonight and do that. 

I have three or four more of these crystal kits, each a little different but I think I will not enjoy them any more than this one.   I do have a couple of others too and will start on one of them this week.  

I managed to get a little more done on the globe section of World Peace Angel; not that you can really notice because of all the confetti.  

On other fronts, the renovations of our new room are almost done.  We tore off the horrible add-on and had a new 10x16 room built, with the stairs outside instead of inside.   Just a few small things left to do, baseboards, a few touchups here and there and we can put furniture into it.   We removed the door that previously led into the add-on and now can go directly into the new room.   I tried uploading pictures but one posted sideways and I simply cannot figure out how to put it right.  

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  1. Your crystal looks good - I'm sorry you didn't enjoy stitching it. I have a couple of those kits as well, but haven't started one yet. Angel is lovely. Confetti slows the stitching down and you never seem to get anywhere!